Selecting more than 25 items of the bibliography to cite & copy for word document


I'm having trouble with citing and then copying & pasting my cited bibliography from the clipboard.

I seem to be unable to select more than 25 that appear on the screen. I would like to select whole bibliographies of folders (around 60 citations)

Zotero only alphabetically orders them on each batch of 25 which means I've then been going through & manually putting the entire list of say 60 in alphabetic order in the cited list I copy to word.

Can you help?

Thanks Charlotte
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    Welcome to the forums!

    You appear to be trying to do this from the web site ( That is an inherent limitation to the website, at least for now.

    You can Select All (ctrl/cmd A) in the local Zotero client (the program that actually resides on your computer).

    Is there a reason you are not citing with the Word/LO plugin?

    Edit: check out this link:
  • Many thanks. I have the local Zotero client on my home computer & will check that later on.

    Can I cite with the Word/LO plugin from Or do I have to be using the local Zotero client? I was worried about doing it wrong as I had a bad experience with End Note! Are there any links to instructions for doing this you could send?

    Thank you!
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    I'm pretty sure you must use the Local client and not in order to use the word processor plugins. In general, most of your real work should be done with the local client. The functionality of the the website is quite limited (at least for now).

    Here is a general link to the many helpful support pages:

    Here is the link for word processor integration: . Note that there are additional links on that page.

    If you have any questions or problems, please post back.
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    Can I cite with the Word/LO plugin from Or do I have to be using the local Zotero client?
    you need to use the local Zotero client.

    I'm not quite sure what documentation you're looking for, but the Word add-on documentation is here:

    documentation on sync -- i.e. connecting your local and online library -- is here:

    edit: overlapped with arggem, leaving this here for the additional links.
  • Hey thanks for this.

    I want to import my library which I've built in the browser version to the stand alone library. Is that possible?

    Many thanks
  • So there's two different things people mean by "Browser version" which are quite distinct:
    1. The version on -- for that, see the sync link I posted above.

    2. The Firefox add-on. By default, Standalone and the Firefox add-on, when installed on the same computer, share the database, so you wouldn't need to import/transfer anything.
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