et al. in bibliography as (...)

The bibliography entry for a multiauthored paper should look like:

Blackburn, T.M., Essl, F., Evans, T., Hulme, P.E., Jeschke, J.M., Kühn, I., Kumschick, S., Marková, Z., Mrugała, A., (…) & Bacher, S. 2014. A unified classification of alien species based on the magnitude of their environmental impacts. PLoS Biology 12: e1001850.

I get something similar without brackets and ampersand with

<name et-al-min="11" et-al-use-first="9" et-al-use-last="true" delimiter-precedes-last="always" initialize-with="." name-as-sort-order="all"/>

Is it possible to adapt the et-al term for the brackets and the ampersand? At least I wasn't successful.
  • no, sorry, the et-al-use-last attribute currently only produces a single, hardcoded option, you can customize neither the ellipses (...) nor the ampersand (&). What's this for? It's certainly something we could put on the menu for the next release if there's enough of a use case, but it would probably require a fair bit of additional syntax, so it wouldn't be something we'd implement if, say, it's used by one department's custom style.
  • That would be great. I need it for the Journal of Vegetation Science (, Applied Vegetation Science ( and Phytocoenologia (
    Since I am in the Editorial Boards of the first two and Editor-In-Charge of the latter I will promote the CSL styles as soon as they meet the journal rules.
  • I'll write something up and propose it as soon as I get a chance. Let's see what other people think about this. I'll post a link to the discussion.
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