LibreOffice integration: make reference tooltip human-readable

I mostly use author-date citation formats and often find myself mousing over an author-date reference in the running text of my word processing program to remind myself what the referenced work is. The tooltip that appears for a short while contains a lot of internal Zotero code -- brackets, slashes, database field IDs -- that doesn't make any sense to a human reader. I still often find myself squinting at such tooltips because somewhere within the code I often manage to find the 'title' field, saving me a trip to the list of works cited to find the work title.

This is a frustrating experience, however, and it's heightened by the fact that the tooltip remains visible for only a short while, so I'm not only trying to glean information from hard-to-read code, I also need to do it within a short time.

Wouldn't it be possible to render those tooltips in the citation style used, showing only the actual bibliographical data rather than all that irrelevant code?


LibreOffice, Ubuntu 14.04
  • no--the tooltip is generated by LibreOffice and that, in turn, displays the field code Zotero uses to generate the citations. There's a button in the add-on to open the Zotero item, if that helps? Or you could author in footnote mode and just switch to author-date.
  • It would indeed be nice to display the field code data in a more readable format. It might be possible with a LibreOffice extension, but there isn't anything we can do on Zotero-side.

    You can extend the time that tooltips are displayed, though. Visit Tools -> Options -> Accessibility (under the Writer heading), and you'll see a widget in that pane for setting the time-to-display for help tips.
  • the other thing that might be possible -- ZoteroQuickLook has a function that's currently Mac only that allows you to show the PDF (or other displayable attachments) by pressing cmd+y with the cursor in a Zotero citation field.
    I don't have any sense on how easily that could be added for Linux and/or Windows.
  • Thanks! I followed Frank's suggestion of extending the time that tooltips are displayed. I can now pick the title field from the tangle without the stress of needing to do it in four seconds. This is less than ideal, but it's good enough: I can keep focused on the work and no longer need to break my stride to engage in an unnerving, silly task.
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