How to change formats in the notes windows ?


I'm sorry if the question has already been answered, but I could not find it in the forum (and neither elsewhere on the net).

I would like to change the styling of my notes windows (a larger line-height, maybe another font, and so on...) and I am cannot find where to to it. I saw some properties in about:config, but I don't think the (css ?) styles for paragraph and headings are recorded there.

Can someone help me ? Thanks a lot.
  • If you never figured this out, you can add change the font family with extensions.zotero.note.fontFamily or add arbitrary CSS to extensions.zotero.note.css. For example, setting the latter to p { color: red; } will make your note text red.
  • For what it's worth, you can do quite a lot by adding CSS rules to the "extensions.zotero.note.css", but it's not immediately obvious to the uninitiated how to do it. The trick is to open about:config (Zotero Preferences > Advanced > General > Open about:config), and enter "note.css" in the search bar ("extensions.zotero.note.css" is the only entry with "note.css" in it). This will filter out all the other entries, leaving you with only "extensions.zotero.note.css". Double-clicking on the entry opens up a dialog box with a short text entry box in it. You can then either type in your desired CSS rules, or paste them in if you want to write something a bit more complex in a proper editor. They all go together in a single line, with no punctuation between the rules (if you write the rules in an editor you can format them however you like - when you paste them into the text box they will all merge into a single line).

    So, for example, you could put in the following rules, all in a single line:
    p {line-height: 1.4; margin-bottom: 2em;} li {line-height: 1.2;} blockquote {margin-left: 4em;}

    This will effect all the paragraphs, list items and blockquotes in your notes (needs a restart to see the changes when the notes are docked on the left-hand-side, but changes will show up straight away if you open a note in a separate window).

    Note that the "extensions.zotero.note.fontFamily" and "extensions.zotero.note.fontSize" (which is reflected in the "Note font size" setting in Zotero Preferences > General) entries in about:config control the font in the paragraphs in your notes - you can't over-ride those by adding any font declarations to a rule describing paragraphs, although you can change the font attributes for list-items and headings, should you want to.

    You can also create custom class selectors, but then you need to manually edit the HTML of your notes and add the class into the code by hand.

    If you get really bored, you can also do fun stuff with blockquotes by using the :before and :after selectors.
  • The suggestions here seem to me to apply to Zotero Firefox. How can I edit CSS for notes windows in Zotero Standalone? TIA
  • you can access about:config through the advanced tab of the Zotero preferences. Instructions are the same.
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