Unable to update svn

I'm not able to update, I get the following. I've tried several
likely passwords, no success. This is coincident with losing the
capability to sync, "Invalid output from server"

ktenney@nalbert:~/src/zotero$ svn up
Authentication realm: <https://www.zotero.org:443>; Zotero Dev
Password for 'ktenney':
Authentication realm: <https://www.zotero.org:443>; Zotero Dev
Username: ktenney
Password for 'ktenney':
  • SVN problem should be fixed.

    Working on the "Invalid output" problem.
  • This "Invalid output" error should be fixed in the latest trunk build.
  • Both the svn Auth request and the "invalid output" issues went away
    for a day, are now back.

    svn does get the updates before prompting for auth, I seem to recall it previously
    would not fetch the updates.
  • SVN should be fixed. (It's a problem with the way SVN appears to be handling file copies. Erasing and recreating your working copy would also fix it.)

    "Invalid output" messages are unrelated. Start a new thread and include the Report ID from the error message.
  • After recreating my working copy, svn up is fine and Z synced fine.

  • Hi guys
    it looks like im getting that error to , i get

    Authentication realm: <https://www.zotero.org:443>; Zotero Dev

    then i get asked a password which i obviously don't know

    the odd thing is i can check out the same folder in some place else
    and i get result listing the folder inner files when i use "svn ls"
    and then i could update the same folders files by calling "svn update <filename>"
    so far i have moved on and im using " svn ls | xargs svn update" to update files one by one but i think this could be a misconfiguration problem on server side .
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    For now, delete your working copy and do another checkout (or use your xargs workaround). It happens when someone renames or moves a file in SVN—at least the version we're using—with a non-public root directory.
  • I am getting this error when trying to commit (I didn't have this problem yesterday). I double-checked my password, deleted my working copy, and checked out a fresh copy from https://www.zotero.org/svn/csl/, and it still didn't work. I thought perhaps my username was wrong, but when I changed it to what I thought it could be my KDE SVN client asked again for login details instead of giving error 443.
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    CSLs can no longer be committed to Zotero SVN.


    Documentation and processes for committing styles to the GitHub repo are still under development, but see https://github.com/citation-style-language/styles#readme for the basics.
  • until then just post the style somewhere on github and Rintze or I will put it up.
  • Thanks—I was wondering when the old styles would be deprecated, and so far I like how Github works.
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