contextual menu search starts too early

In the advanced search, the title field includes a contextual menu with suggestions from existing titles. Unfortunately, in Sync Preview the search to build the menu starts immediately after typing the first letter. In my (very large) database, Zotero freezes up for about 10 seconds to display the suggestions before I can type the second letter, so my typing of the rest of the search term doesn't register and I then have to retype again. Would it be possible to delay the contextual menu action to give the user an opportunity to type the rest of the string? I believe the quick search window already has such a delay. That would speed up things considerably for large databases. Thanks!
  • 1/4-second delay (same as quick search box) added to the advanced search autocomplete on branch and trunk. Thanks.
  • Great, thank you!
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    @Dan Could you add a 1/4 second delay to ALL autocompletes in Zotero? Adding items manually takes 2-3 minutes for me now because there is no delay for autocomplete when entering titles, publishers, etc. I have to wait for over 10 seconds after entering each letter in these fields. It's quite infuriating.
  • Could this be user-configurable? For me it's becoming an issue on my (slow) laptop but is ok on my desktop.

    erazlogo: might be better to type the new entry data elsewhere and copy and paste ...
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    erazlogo: might be better to type the new entry data elsewhere and copy and paste
    That's what I've been doing, but it's time-consuming and it's easy to forget to do this when entering something quickly.
  • The autocomplete delay is now fixed.
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