Format of abstract lost when viewed in Zotero online

When I have entered some text into the abstract of an item in my Zotero stand alone I have inserted a number of paragraph breaks. When this item was copied /uploaded to my Zotero online, specially into a Zotero Group bibliography, all the formatting was lost and it now appears as one large continuous mass of text, making it much less readable. How can I make sure any simple formatting is retained? (like paragraph breaks)
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    I have _always_ had this problem, not with abstracts downloaded along with metadata from publishers or databases such as PubMed, but with abstract text that I hand enter. I need to enter 3 returns so that, upon export, there is a single blank line between paragraphs. I've developed the habit of the 3 returns instead of 2 so this is at most a minor annoyance. I would be happy if this could be fixed. Quite awhile ago I did some reading about the TinyMCE text editor that Zotero uses but found nothing on the developer's site I could do from my end other than adding the extra return.
  • Thanks for this work-around.
    I agree, it would be great if Zotero could deal with this fairly basic problem
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