Expand Notes in Central Pane

At the moment only the first few words of notes are displayed in the central pane and notes tab of the side pane.

It is nice that these are displayed, especially with the + and - buttons.

But especially since Zotfile creates long notes from PDF annotations due to the burden on Zotero (especially syncing) if there are many notes, and because it is time consuming to create many notes so as to maintain their visibility like this

So it would be nice to be able to expand notes vertically, in the central pane and notes pain so that one can scroll through the whole note (containing many individual notes on parts of the cited work), seen the important points of the work, without having to click on each note, because a research paper or article is a collection of notes on a collection of past works.

Perhaps this expanded notes view might be accessed with "Shift +" or "++"

I'd be happy to make a mock up if it is not clear what I mean.
  • unfortunately not possible for technical reasons. The platform on which Zotero is build can't to multi-line displays in the center panel.
  • Thank you.

    I have taken the liberty of contacting the MIT Tabulator team.
  • I have taken the liberty of contacting the MIT Tabulator team.
    What does this have to do with the above?
  • Dear Mr. Stillman

    Thank you for Zotero.

    I presumed tabulator, of the software upon which Zotero is based mentioned on the Zotero about window, to be the platform that adamsmith referred to.

    But of course, you would know whether it does have anything to do with the above or not. I presume from your question that I picked the wrong "platform." I would really like to use Zotero more for composition. Should you be so kind as to tell me the right platform, I would like to ask its makers to facilitate the changes mentioned above.

  • it's XUL Runner, but it's really of little use to bring these issues upstream without a deeper understanding of the technology behind them.
    If Zotero wants something addressed, they should make the respective requests to mozilla, since they can actually say more specifically what they'd need in technical terms.
  • Yes, really, don't do this. It's totally inappropriate and unhelpful. (And Tabulator has nothing at all to do with this.)
  • I have taken the liberty of contacting the MIT Tabulator team.
    @timtak, since you already contacted them, you might want to send them a follow-up email with a link to this thread, so they at least understand what you're asking (and can then ignore your original email).

    But as @adamsmith and @Dan Stillman already pointed out, you really shouldn't immediately contact upstream "platform" projects for Zotero feature requests, especially not the wrong one.
  • @Rintze
    Thank you. I did send them a link to this thread. Wrong platform. And they ignored me.

    Thank you for the name, XUL Runner, adamsmith. XUL sounds interesting.

    I am sorry to have been unhelpful to you Mr. Stillman.

    Zotero is great
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