Note pane closes after each keystroke

When I have a search term entered in the search field and then click on a note of one of the displayed papers it opens correctly in its editing window in the right-hand pane. However as soon as I hit any key, the window closes again.

Note that this phenomenon does not occur if no search term is entered in the search field.

I submitted an error report with the ID 1040086222
  • I can't reproduce that. Try disabling your other Zotero-related extensions.

    If you still have trouble, please provide exact steps to reproduce from Zotero startup, starting with My Library selected, "All Fields & Tags" mode selected in the search bar, and the tag selector in the bottom left showing.
  • Thank you Dan. It turns out that the problem disappears when I disable the ZoteRename add-on. I have emailed the developer of that add-on.
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