OOo opens window in wrong session

This happens in Ubuntu-8.10/firefox-3:

a) login as user1. Start firefox.
b) switch to another user2. Start firefox, start OOo.
c) In OOo, insert some citation.

Result: a window is - unknowingly for user2 - opened in the session of user1.
  • There's not really anything to be done about this, short of changing the port that's used. This can be changed on the Firefox side with the extensions.zotero.integration.port about:config pref. On the plugin side this currently can only be changed by replacing "50001" with the new port in the plugin code. The method for doing so differs depending on which version you're using, but it basically involves unzipping the .oxt file, editing Zotero/Zotero.xba (1.0* VBA plugin) or (2.0* Python plugin), rezipping, and reinstalling.
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