Problem with better biblatex "An error occured while trying to export the selected file"

Report ID on firefox plugin :138926557

Report ID on standalone : 1700080976

I suddenly cannot export using better bibtex. Things worked just fine this morning. It really looks like better bibtex is not installed anymore
although the add-on pane says it is (in zotero's preferences, the better biblatex tab is still there).

New problems which emerged at the same time :

- I used to be able to drag and drop an item from Zotero into Texstudio and get the corresponding \cite{}. This does not work anymore. When I drag and drop, nothing happens.
- When I left click on an item with no "extra" entry and ask to "Generate Bibtex key" nothing happens.
- Although I checked the "Show citekey instead of 'extra' field in reference list" (and restarted multiple times) the 'extra' field is still there.

Regular bibtex export still works fine too.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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