Youtube previous video is added instead of current

For some reason, when browsing YouTube a click on the webcam symbol in the URL bar adds the previously watched video to Zotero, not the currently watched one.
  • I can't replicate that. There may be some problems with the YouTube translator (they change the site all the time), but we'd need exact steps to reproduce, including URLs.
  • mxn
    edited January 16, 2015
    "Works" for me with any youtube url. for example
    If I watched another video before it will add the previous to Zotero. I have to click reload in the URL bar to make Zotero actually add this link.

    Zotero in Firefox 37.0a2 (2015-01-16) on Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon 64bit
  • I can see if I can reproduce this, but generally beta and alpha versions of Firefox aren't supported (and at a minimum you'll need to mention you're using them when reporting problems). Zotero is currently compatible with Firefox 31-35.
  • i can reproduce this in chrome actually. Will take a look.
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