WebDAV doesn't free up Zotero Storage

I'm using webdav as the backend storage for "My Library". It seems to be working well :)

When I look at Zotero Settings, I can see how much data is being used for my various group libraries, but I also see that 188Mb is being used for "My Library".

Is that 'just' meta-data etc., or is it files (PDFs, and so on) left over from when I used to keep "My Library on the Zotero storage.
  • It's leftover files. Metadata etc. doesn't count twards stroage. If you want to get rid of them in Zotero Storage, you can use the Purge Storage button at https://www.zotero.org/settings/storage
    Your situation is actually the main use case for that button.
  • Ah, okay.

    Will that also purge my Group files too?
  • Most excellent. (done). Thanks
  • edited January 14, 2015
    Will that also purge my Group files too?
    Are you sure? I thought it deletes all files (though I have nothing to cite). Granted that this doesn't actually delete your files locally, so it shouldn't do any damage, but I think they will be gone from the server in group libraries as well.

    In any case, after doing this I would suggest going into Zotero Preferences -> Sync -> Reset -> Reset File Sync History (NOT ANY OF THE OTHER OPTIONS!!!)(nvm)
  • I am sure, yes. (It also explicitly says "Purge files from personal library").

    Why do you think resetting file sync history would be needed (not that it'd hurt)?
  • You are correct! (tiny font) In that case, no need to reset file sync history.
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