Split Notes, or Import as Multiples

I sometimes take notes in one big file, not using Zotero at the time. I wish that I could place something like a separator where desired and get my notes into Zotero as individual notes beneath the source. An alternative would be to paste them in as one large note, then have the ability to split into a new note at the cursor. Make sense? Thx, m.
  • Not currently possible, but I think being able to split existing notes at cursor would be a nice feature.
  • Have a look at this thread here for a possible solution. Make sure the source is txt and then change the extension to .rsi before using the import feature in Zotero.
  • Thanks kithairon. Actually, the final post at the link you provided shows that the task can be done with the clipboard. The only desire left is, of course, to retain formatting. But this is a good start. Thx again, M.
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