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Hello all,

I have been reading through directions for editing styles and am interested in the U.S. Geological Survey csl style that already exists. I tried using this style, but I can't seem to get USGS reports to cite correctly.

USGS reports need to be cited with the report type (Water-Resources Investigation Report, Scientific Investigations Report, etc.) and report number. As an example (correct citation, not done with the USGS csl style):

Baker, N.T., 1990, Summary and analysis of water-use data
collection in eastern Arkansas: U.S. Geological Survey
Water-Resources Investigations Report 90–4177, 25 p.

When I use the USGS csl style that already exists, I get something like this:

Moix, M.W., Barks, C.S., and Funkhouser, J.E., 2003, Water quality and streamflow gains and losses of Osage and Prairie Creeks, Benton County, Arkansas, July 2001: U.S. Geological Survey,.

Note that the Report Type and Number are not being pulled into the citation.

When looking through the csl editors and discussions, I don't understand where the "Report Type" and "Report Number" fields (using Report as the Item Type) come into the citation. And, if I wanted to add those elements into a custom csl style, what variable does that correspond to?

I tried searching for a directory of variable types and how they are used in the code, but didn't seem to be finding it. That may help me, or if anyone has more specific information I'd appreciate it.

  • I can give you a more detailed answer later, but the mapping of Zotero fields to CSL variables is here:
  • Thanks Adam. That is exactly what I needed. I've been able to modify the USGS style as needed.
  • If you post your changes to the style, perhaps they can be reincorporated for general use.
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