Nature news won't save

I can't get sync preview 1.5 3.2 to save articles off Nature News. Other parts of the nature site work but this page, for example

does not save for me when I click on the zotero icon. A box appears in the lower-right-hand corner, but it stays blank and nothing is put into the database.

On the other hand, the woolly mammoth sequence

saves away fine.

Is this a new problem, or an old, known one?
  • The journal and the news site look to be significantly different, different enough that they may well require distinct translators.
  • OK. Is it worth asking the guys at Nature about this? I have friends who work there.
  • And, in any case, we ought to modify the present translator so that it doesn't put up an icon in the news site when it can't capture. That should be just a matter of altering the target string
  • The first link is being picked up by COinS and the second by a distinct "Nature" translator, which is working fine. It appears to be an issue with COinS, but I didn't look at the error log to find out exact what is going wrong.

    It shouldn't require a distinct translator.
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