Zotero asks to restart Firefox when merging duplicates

Report ID: 1968155067

The following problem has happened twice. I was the Group Library for "Strategy as Practice" in the Firefox version of Zotero.

I turned on "Show duplicates" There are six files listed (three sets of two duplicates). I try to merge the two items by Jarzabkowski and Whittington. Alas, Zotero doesn't like it, abd asks me to restart FF.
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    Err, sorry, please ignore. Dan will take a look at the report
  • Phew. I thought I'd forgotten to do it.

    A little extra detail (as I was reproducing the problem). When I click "merge" nothing happens. It's when I then click on a different item (in the list of merge candidates) that the actual error is generated.
  • For a restart error, we generally need a Debug ID (different from a Report ID) for the operation that preceded it. Can you reproduce this reliably enough to provide that?
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    Your wish is my command.

    The Debug ID is D1403401017
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