german language for standalone mac not working

Dear Zotero Board,

i am facing an issue with the standalone software. I have installed Zotero Standalone on my macbook pro (osx 10.10.1). I had my osx language set to english and my location is switzerland.

I need to use Zotero in German as told by my university.

When i installed Zotero it was in english. After reading through this board and some tips i have deleted Zotero from my applications, changed my OSX language to german and istalled it again.

I changed within the about:config the two entries:
intl.locale.matchOS "true"
intl.accept_languages "de-DE, de"

Then i have Zotero in german.

When changin to OSX language to english and
intl.locale.matchOS "false"
intl.accept_languages "de-DE, de"

Zotero is in english.

Bottom line:
I want to have my OSX language in english as used, but Zotero in German.

How could that be done?

  • we can look at this in more detail, but can I first ask _why_ you need Zotero in German? This is just to better understand the details of your situation and what might or might not work as a solution. I'm not arguing that you shouldn't.
  • the work for the university i need to do is mainly in german. In these papers for quotes and references within my bibliography at the very end of the document i have issues e.g. with the edition of a book. In the english version it is stated with "5. Ed.". My lecturer reminded everybody that this would be incorrect, since in german it is called "5. Auflage". Therefore we need to use Zotero in german.

    In parallel i do a lot of coding with my notebook and therefore the OSX in english is preferred for me, since i need to respond to issues stated in english and being described with an english version of the operating system.

    I would very much appreciate if it was possible to configure Zotero in german on an english OSX.
  • intl.accept_languages has no effect on Zotero.

    To just change the bibliography locale, you want extensions.zotero.export.bibliographyLocale, and you don't need to touch int.locale.matchOS. See for more.

    If you want to change the UI language too, then you want to set matchOS to false and want to change general.useragent.locale, and then you don't need to set the bib locale.
  • thanks a lot for the quick response, this worked for me!
  • There is a small addon to do the change of language in the bibliography in the GUI:
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