merging old and new libraries/ citations

my laptop had crashed. I got the data of zotero standalone on an external hard drive. Now, I want to add them to zotero on another computer. If I move the zotero.sqlite file, then it reads either of the libraries (i.e. either the old laptop files or the ones existing on this computer). Is there a way that i can access them together by either syncing or merging the two databases?

P.S: I was not using online syncing earlier so my data is not available online on zotero. I have all the files in storage/zotero folders.

thanks in advance
  • syncing is by far the best way to merge two libraries:
    1. Sync your existing library
    2. Restore your old library, ideally to a separate Zotero installation - could be in on different computer, or on a different Firefox profile on the same account on the same computer.
    3. Sync with the same usersname
    4. Your two libraries are now merged
  • Adam, you directed me here in relation to a problem I reported (associated with problem ID 1280885164) using another method to try to merge two libraries. I'm not sure I fully understand the approach you describe here (and really don't want to blow either library away).

    My circumstances:

    Zotero Standalone installed on two computers, with two different usernames.

    Computer A: username james.k.russell, library of 12197 citations, a PC that I'll be decommisioning.

    Computer B: username jameskrussell (no periods), library of 2085 citations, a Mac I will continue to use.

    I want both libraries accessible on the Mac. It would be okay if they were separate, but reading other articles on Zotero forums, that looks problematic. It is okay if they are merged.

    Both are currently synced. One interpretation of your instructions above is that I reconfigure Zotero on the Mac to sync under username james.k.russell and just wait a bit for Zotero to get it all done. That would be fine - but I'm concerned that doing so might discard all the stuff currently synced under username jameskrussell.

    Can you put my mind at ease about this, or tell me specifically I'm getting wrong in this interpretation?

    Thanks, Jim
  • That was me who referred you here, not adamsmith, but no worries.

    First thing you should do is make a backup of both of your libraries, just in case.

    Then, you want to change your username _to_ the account you want to keep using. Sounds like it would be easiest for you to simply change the account on the Mac and let that sync. That's all you would have to do. The sync will not erase any of your existing items unless you explicitly tell it to, which is why this works to merge the two libraries.
  • aurimas

    sorry for the mistaken identity
    followed your instructions, everything seems to have worked fine, thanks a lot

    One issue remaining (perhaps I should start another thread?) - account I've moved to (james.k.russell) has an e-mail address that currently works, but will go away. I don't see how to change it.
  • found where to set e-mail, on-line only, under Account - all good now, thanks again
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