Hard coded support for ezproxy/international site versions

There are repeating problems with the different site translators not recognizing ezproxy or international versions of sites. It's not that Zotero can't translate these, but rather that it doesn't know that it can, only because it doesn't recognize the domain. Could we have some kind of general fix such as one of the following options:

(i) Automatic domain substitution: e.g.
(a) Visiting any unrecognized hostname with any top level domain - .com .org .edu and .net or a country code - as a subdomain rather than as the top level domain would suggest an ezproxy, and trigger a search for translators for the domain being proxied.
(b) Visiting any unrecognized site ending in a national domain, e.g. .fr would trigger a search for translators for .com .org .edu and .net versions of the same site.

(ii) A menu option: "Select a translator for this site". This would bring up a list of currently loaded translators and allow you to select one manually. So I could go to, e.g. scholar.google.fr and select the google scholar site translator for it. My preference would be saved for future visits to this hostname.

This would be a really important enhancement to make Zotero more popular, because people are inevitably disappointed if it doesn't already translate the sites they most use.

Comments? Thanks.
  • i've been having this problem accessing medical databases like pubmed. it's pretty frustrating. there should definitely be some kind of fix.
  • cartesian: Zotero does include some EZProxy support already. It's possible that your EZProxy confuses Zotero, but, given that I have no way of testing it, there's nothing I can do. However, I have modified the URL matching regexps for all gated collections to permit them to recognize sites as subdomains, rather than top-level domains. The changes should be available to you in beta 4.

    sfcal: You shouldn't have to access PubMed through a proxy. It's free to all.
  • in order to access the articles searched on pubmed, i have to go through ezproxy so that i can get the SFX links. otherwise, i'd only be able to read the abstracts that are on pubmed itself.
  • Lifting up old an discussion:

    Somehow Zotero does not seem to be recognizing different *.sagepub.com subdomains through "ezproxy", i.e. abs.sagepub.com or apr.sagepub.com etc. Adding suffix *.sagepub.com to Zotero proxy settings won't help either.

    Can it be done somehow in the 'proxies' settings that it automatically understands it? Otherwise you have to add all those subdomains manually to Zotero in order to use them.
  • studiosus: Please start a new Sync Preview thread. This thread is 1.5 years old, long predates Zotero 1.5's proxy support, and isn't really related to your question.
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