Can I export all journals titles in my data base

I need a list of all journals for which articles are saved in my database. So essentially I would like to copy the titles from the 'publications' column. However, this seems not be be possible, or is it?
  • I did this once by 1) exporting in csv, 2) opening the file in a spreadsheet; 3) copying the publication/journal column; 4) pasting it into a good text editor; 5) giving commands to sort by alphabet AND remove duplicate lines; and 6) editing out anything that isnt a journal. I realized that the last step wouldn't have been necessary if, within Zotero, I had first sorted by item type and exported only journal items.

    I would be pleased to learn if there is a better way to do this without using so many tools.
  • Spreadsheet programs (e.g. Excel) can delete duplicate lines as well, i.e. I don't think you have to use any text editor.
  • Would be great to have a function selection journal articles before export!? Isn't this possible somehow?
  • You can select whatever items in Zotero you want and right-click -> Export (you can even right-click -> Export collections)
  • You can sort your Zotero library by item type and export only journal article type records.
  • ... or perform an advanced search for all journal articles and make it a saved search.
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