Scaffold for Sync Preview?

Is there a version of Scaffold somewhere that works with the Sync Preview?

  • Not yet, sorry. Note, though, that translators in 1.5 are stored as individual text files in the Zotero data directory, so editing them directly is a lot easier. Restart Firefox to re-read an updated translator, and keep a backup of your modified copy.
  • But how can we add a translator to sync preview?
  • You add a new text file to the appropriate directory manually for now.
  • yes; I do that, but it doesn't show up in the list of translators so far as I can see, even after a restart.
  • What list of translators?
  • sorry. I realised after I posted that that I meant the list of translators in scaffold, which of course wouldn't work.

    More to the point, I can't get any reaction at all when I navigate to the target site, and I assume that an icon would show up if the match string is right,* even if the attempt to clip fails.

    * which it is.
  • When not using Scaffold, you'll want to run Zotero with debug output enabled to see what's going on.
  • Thanks. I'm sorry to be so slow-thinking.
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