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When I am using Firefox Portable at work and I try to Sync I get an "ERROR -6"
No other description in the Dialog Box.

I am able to access the internet fine via the firewalls/Proxy etc.
It is possible that some port or something is blocked to cause this but I also use Office Web Access to access my email from the same site and that is a WebDav application (I think) so WebDav file storage should be fine .
And entering the storage location into the browser option up the location so I don't expect/suspect any issues.
  • Upgrade to 1.5 Sync Preview 3.3 via Tools->Add-ons->Find Updates or the Sync Preview page and see if you still get the error.
  • Hmm no didn't a seem to fix it..
    If I turn off the storage server function (but leaving the sync one) all is fine but turning on the storage server causes the Error -6

    Will try on a different network during the week and see if that works..
  • Error -6 is a server error (a 500 HTTP error, technically speaking). If you generate debug output for the sync process and send it to, we'll take a look.
  • OK will do..

    Just tried from a second system and same error.
    Sync works, as I said, seems to be related to the storage server..

    Maybe there is some weird security that I was not aware of on the storage server.. Might check that also later.
  • Was this ever resolved? I get the same error and cannot figure out what to do?
  • It's not necessarily a specific problem, as it simply indicates a generic HTTP error from the WebDAV server.

    I don't think we ever got debug output from kiwicomposer. If you send us debug output for your sync attempt, we'll take a look.
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