Account auth fails

My primary login is no longer recognized, Zotero sync fails and I need to use a different account to post this.

I'd guess the change occurred within ~4 days.

  • This should now be fixed. (It would've occurred if you signed up for more than one account with the same e-mail address, which is no longer allowed in the new site architecture we just switched over to. We may require the e-mail addresses on the other accounts to be changed at some point in the near future.) Please let us know if you're still having trouble.
  • I see you have openid support, Dan, but how do you associate an openid with an existing account?
  • ok now.

    > if you signed up for more than one account with the same e-mail address

    That's the case, I've created additional accounts as sandboxes.
    Zotero seems to be stable now, I'll delete the auxiliary accounts.

  • Bruce, just enter your open id on the login screen. You'll be pushed off to your open id provider to authenticate. If the authentication is successful, you'll get a form where you can link your open id to your zotero account.
  • I'm posting this using Internet Explorer 6, as I'm now unable to sign in on the forums with either Firefox 2 or 3. Although logging in on both Firefox installations results in the top bar showing "Welcome Rintze", the box below the About link keeps showing "Not signed in (Sign In)".
  • You need to clear your Zotero cookies from Firefox and then you should be fine.
    Regards, Jon.
  • That fixed the login problem on the forums. But I noticed that I also cannot login on the wiki (user rmzelle), where resending the password even gives "Sorry, we can't find this user in our database.", or trac, which gives an "Trac detected an internal error:
    OperationalError: database is locked" error (also for rmzelle).
  • A few recently created wiki usernames were lost in the migration. Your account should now work again. Trac should also work fine.
  • Thanks Jon! I've been going nuts ever since I got back from a trip on Monday.
  • Sorry to keep bugging you. Despite being able to sign in on the dev wiki, I don't have editing access.
  • Rintze: OK, you should now.
  • Ah cool.. I had issues in Firefox too whereas Safari was just fine. After installing Sync Preview 1.5 my login to the Zotero site and forum didn't work.. but clearing cookies worked great Cheers
  • edited November 29, 2008
    Now I'm even unable to find a login button on the dev wiki. The login at the top of the Zotero webpages only accepts my forum account, and doesn't give me access to the wiki.
  • Rintze: The wiki authentication isn't yet integrated, and too many people were trying to create regular Zotero accounts via the wiki login page. We'll be adding a page on how to contribute to the wiki, but for now you can just append ?do=login to a wiki URL.
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