I don't have the option for .ens files

I desperately need to import an .ens file. I go to zotero (windows version with wine/cxoffice, and linux64bits) and I only have .csl in the file type section. I can always do *.* to find it but when I select it gives an error.
Was this feature removed?
  • Yes. It wasn't working well enough to be useful anyway.
  • oh. :( I'm screwed I'll have to install EndNote, the Springer Basic Number version in CSL is outdated (it uses brackets instead of "( )".
    After so many year I'll have to install endNote :( :(

    Thanks for the prompt answer.
  • which journal? I don't believe there has been a general change in the formatting of Springer styles. Their manual is still the same and there are many journals that use brackets (starting alphabetically Acta Diabetologica came right up).

    (pro tip: if you would like support, indicating that you're going to run to another product at the slightest issue is probably not the way to go)
  • Ahah AdamSmith, don't worry I'll still be using Zotero (actually I probably gathered another user today).
    I can't "really" use endNote anyway. I'm a linux user. And I never had since I think it's not a good software. But I might have to use it this time since the due date is near.

    It's MiMB (Methods in Molecular Biology).
    I got an .ens file from the journal (I asked for a possibility of .csl). But aparently they've been changing stuff and then there are specific stuff for MiMB.
    (I just got the response from Springer and there is no .csl)
  • I think this is the main difference by the way:
    I guess I can manually edit or change the .csl myself.
    In the text:

    Number all references in order of use throughout the chapter, and indicate the reference by placing the number of the reference in bold, italicized parenthesis, like this (6). All references are to be indicated like that (7) and should appear in numerical order throughout the text (8).
  • edited October 27, 2014
    yeah, that's an easy change.
    <layout prefix="[" suffix="]" delimiter=", ">
    <text variable="citation-number"/>

    Change to

    <layout prefix="(" suffix=")" font-weight="bold" font-style="italic" delimiter=", ">
    <text variable="citation-number"/>

    general instructions here:
  • Thanks for the help.
    I would try to find everything myself, but deadlines prevent it.
    I will change it.
  • Hi Adam,

    May I just request a quick new help?

    There's a another difference.
    After the first authors initial there's a dot required (and the springerbasic doesn't have it).
    What should I change?
  • you'll find initialize-with="" somewhere. Change that to initialize-with="." or ". " depending on whether you need a space between initials (i.e. J.F. vs. J. F.)
  • Yes. Thanks. I used http://editor.citationstyles.org/ to compare and change.
    Thanks so much for the help once again.
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