Zotero Freezes, Firefox Freezes, 1425604441

I am using Zotero 4.05, Firefox 20.0, the id for this error report is 1425604441.
(Using a MacBook Pro, on which I also have Zotero Standalone, which I never use, and the Chrome browser with Zotero, which I never use)

So freezing occurs on adding material to the library, editing biblio data in the library. Other tabs of Firefox are not accessible, Force closing the app works of course.

Any guidance appreciated,
  • Here is some more info. on this:

    After importing a new item, slow and hangs; the Debug ID is D1113133521.

    My library is only:

    1539 top level items
    3508 all items.

    Any insight into the slow and hangs bit, Firefox freezing, other tabs inaccessible, welcome,
  • Disable your other Firefox extensions (e.g., "Automatic Zotero to BibTeX exporter"), and then reenable them one by one until you find the one that's causing this.
  • Thank you. Went through them all. Removing "Automatic Zotero to BibTeX exporter" made a wonderful difference, ... at last. But also "Libre Office ..." slows things down.

    Really appreciated, importing to library was becoming painful.
  • (you can turn off the automated export feature of autoZotBib if you want to keep the convenient one-click manual export to bibtex without any slow down effect on Zotero).
    Libre Office... as in Zotero's Libre office integration? That's highly unlikely.
  • Thank you for the guidance. Restored Zotero to BibTeX exporter plugin and turned off the automated export, yes the one click manual export is convenient,

    Using Zotero's LibreOffice Integration 3.5.6, I thought I saw a slow down, but it is meaningless compared to hang and freeze,

  • I also have this problem. Zotero is very slow (2-3 minutes) each time I open the tray at the bottom of my firefox browser, and whenever I add an item. This is on a windows operating system. I have no troubles on my mac operating system at home.

    I am not running any Zotero-related addons except for the main Zotero add on.
  • firsttoadmitit: If you're not using any other add-ons, you should start a new thread and provide Debug IDs for slow operations.
  • My zotero behave exactly same as fisttoadmitit.

    Windows zotero freeze whenever I click zotero tab. Mac Zotero is very good.
  • Yichao: If your Windows machine is a touchscreen PC or has a drawing tablet attached, see this thread for details, and close the tag selector for now as a workaround.

    If that's not the case, start a new thread and provide a Debug ID for startup using the "Enable after restart" option (assuming it eventually returns from being frozen).
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