Translators seem not to work with some books

I have problems to import some books. What is strange, is that this happens only with SOME books and not all, and in web pages that usually work fine.

An example:
The only item that I could import from this page was the last one (#10 "Platonis opera : recognovit brevique adnotatione critica instruxit I. Burnet.").

Something similar happens in the Library of Congress Online Catalog (e.g. this book cannot be imported: Corpus Hermeticum ... [Asclepius] Texte établi par A.D. Nock ... et traduit par A.-J. Festugière.)

It seems to me that Zotero 1.5-sync3.2 has problems to import items with some special characters, for example: ; / or [] (this last one in Library of Congress, not in WorldCat).

Is this a known issue? In "Troubleshooting Translator Issues" there's nothing about this problem.

I work with Firefox 3.0.3, Zotero 1.5-sync3.2, Windows XP.

  • In this last weekend I couldn't import many books (in the way I have described) . I just want to know if this is a general problem, or I am the only one that is experiencing it.

    Many thanks for your incredible work.
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