Notes/quotes into Word Text

Is there any way to add the notes you take on a source into a word document and cite it at the same time? or is Copy/paste the only option?
  • At this point copy paste is one of your best options.

    If you have a lot of notes about a source that you want to move over at once you can generate a report for the item and then copy and paste over all the notes at once.
  • Im not very used with the Word plug-in...

    My question is not exactly the same, but similar. I have hundreds of "explanation" notes (with tag) that I use to describe, give a definition or explain, for exemple, who was a politician, a writer, etc. Usually, I don't need the source (it's just simple facts): just the note itself. I'd like to add theses notes as footnote, as a I did for bibliographic sources.

    1) I try to choose and ad directly a note from my Zotero. It doesn't completely work: the note is there in the footnotes but cut: just 100 letters and spaces is display (I count it): it's very short. My notes are longer than that. There is a limit to display and add note?

    2) If a made a bibliography, I don't want these notes in it (there are not sources). If I delete it in bibliography: the note is deleted in the text?!

    Is there some solutions?

  • Per above, can you copy/paste? It will not have either of these issues.
  • It's possible copy/paste, but it'll be easier and faster directly from Zotero. I do some test, and there is what I found with Zotero Sync. It doesn't really work, but I found some other "problems". I try 4 cases.

    From my WORD document (in french):

    "Le Boréal express de Jean Pellerin1 a connu un succès considérable.... "

    ----- With the WORD plug-in, I add a "Note" (not a source) from Zotero as a footnote
    The perfect result should be:

    1. "Journaliste, essayiste et romancier, Jean Pellerin (1917-2001) a écrit plusieurs textes pour la radio et la télévision, dont la série Pierre Le Moyne d’Iberville (1967-1968)." Word count (with spaces) = 150

    But It's not what I found in my 3 cases:

    Case A) text of the note came from a copy/paste from a WORD document and put in Zotero's Note:
    Result in footnote: 1. "<!-- /* Style Definitions */ p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal {mso-style-parent:""" Word count = <b>83
    Problem: If we copy/paste from WORD to Zotero Note we have all hidden scrap code from Word! A part of the solution is in Case B.

    Case B) before copy/past text from WORD, I choose "HTML display" in Zotero's Note
    Result in footnote: 1. "Journaliste, essayiste et romancier, Jean Pellerin (1917-2001) a écrit plusieurs textes pour la" Word count =
    Code HTMl is hidden, but note is still cut.

    Case C) Same text but written directly in Zotero Note (not copy/paste from Word)
    Result is the same of case B:
    1. "Journaliste, essayiste et romancier, Jean Pellerin (1917-2001) a écrit plusieurs textes pour la" Word count = 83

    Case D) To respond to StayCBeth, I try to add the note and its source using "multiple sources". It's easy and it works: footnote contents the source + the note (even more than 1), or the note + the source, depend of how I select it.
    BUT, I have the same problem: the note is block to a count of 81-83 words + spaces.

    Why it's impossible to display more than 81-83 words for notes???

    Conclusion: for now, copy/paste text from WORD in a Note must be paste when the HTML display for Zotero Note is open.
    I wish it could help
  • Sorry, I lost all I wrote after... I really don't know why... I'll continue later...
  • (Suite) I resume what I found after many test with different notes and styles. So, with Word plug-in, I try to select a Note in Zotero to add it as a footnote like we do with sources. My Note has exactly 150 "letters" (words + spaces with words count in Word). I use Zotero Sync, Word 2003 on PC.

    1) Note is display in footnote, BUT, it's always "cut" after around 81-83 words count (letters + spaces). It looks impossible to have more than that???
    Also, text of Note is display between double quote marks: "blabla blabla..." Why? It's not necessary.

    2) Problem when I try to put text in a Note if a copy/paste it directly from WORD: the text in the Note will begin by all hidden scrap code use by WORD. Bad idea. Solution: if I'd like to copy/paste text in a Zotero's Note, I have to open the "HTML display" first, and copy there. Like that, the text should be ok (without hidden code).

    3) to response to StayCBeth, yes it's possible to put a note + the source. Just, use "multiple sources" in Word plug-in and choose the Note and the Source. Depend of what you select first, you will have Source + Note, or Note + Source. But the first problem still there: impossible to have more than 81-83 letters for the Note (no problem with the source).

    I think add a Note directly from Zotero, without copy/paste, should be very useful.
    I hope these informations could help.
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