Firefox extension stopped working

My Firefox extension, to add items to my library has suddenly stopped working. If I click on the folder button, in the address bar, the box pops up and I can check boxes. If I hit "OK", the little "I've added that" box even pops up in the lower right corner but the items aren't in the library. The same is true if there is only a single item on the page and I click on the document icon. Thankfully the extension for Chrome works fine. I tried reinstalling the extension and that didn't help. This may have started with the last Firefox update.

Any insights or solutions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Have you rebooted your computer? (Just checking for the obvious, first).
  • If the titles of the items you're trying to appear are listed in the pop-up "Saving to" bubble, they are being saved, just not where you want.

    From your description it sounds like you're using Standalone. My guess would be that Zotero for Firefox is no longer pointing to the same folder (for whatever reason). Here are instructions for how to check and how to fix it:
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