view many attachments (jpegs)

hello, i have many attachments in form of collections of jpegs, because i make photos of documents (articles and parts of books also) in libraries. i wonder if there is a way to view them more easily. until now, i double-clicked every single one to read them, or i transformed the collection into a pdf before adding it to my zotero library, but that is a lot of work.
  • You can have a look at:

    I don't know how well this works on Mac and Windows with image preview, but I think it does. It works nicely on linux for Jpegs.
  • thank you for the quick answer. at first sight, firefox seems not to wnat to install it, but i'll have a closer look and be back.
  • hm, no, it does not work. i got the same issues as many others with windows 7. and i'm not fit enough to get behind it. too bad, would have been a great help...
  • See
  • yeah, i saw that and tried it, but after loading it down, it does not run. it wants a program to open the file.
  • are you using Standalone or the Firefox version?
  • OK, simply drag the .xpi file you downloaded to any open Firefox window. OK the install. That should definitely work.
  • yes, this worked. the add-on is there. but i still can't see how to get it to work, does it appear in zotero soemwhere?
  • I dont' have it installed on my currrent profile, but I believe if you right-click on an item with attachment you should get an option to quick view. The idea is to use a keyboard shortcut - space, but the right-click option would tell you it's correctly installed.
  • no, there's no icon or menu in zotero, at least i don't find it. when i right-click on the item or its attachment, it does not appear.
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