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is there any chance of getting a citation graph for our Zotero libraries? I imagine interactively dragging a Paper from a collection to the top and all seeing the citation hierarchy of the rest of the papers below. Well technically this would not be a huge problem, but is there any possibility of getting the connection info, i.e. 'who-cites-who'?
  • no. That data isn't save anywhere in Zotero nor is there any field for it in the database.
    It'd be feasible, theoretically, as an add-on with a separate database, though it'd likely have to rely on data from WoS or so and I don't believe they have API access.
  • Ahhh, too bad - that really would help with understanding big projects a lot. I am currently doing this on a whiteboard - quite 19 cent.

    I assume you mean Web of Science, the reuters service. Yeah unfortunately no open data. It's a pitty google gets its info from them too - so no solution in sight :(
  • Hi, you can import your Zotero library to citation graph here
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