Short form fields

Occasionally, it would be convenient to specify short forms of various fields in a reference.

For example, according to APA 6th edition, when there are are institutional authors that can be abbreviated, the full name should be cited at first, and then all follow-up citations should use the shortened version:

From the APA style guide:
Corporate author. Use full name the first time; abbreviate later:
...(National Institute of Mental Health [NIMH], 1991)...
...(NIMH, 1991)...

Similarly, many academic conferences have standard abbreviated names, similar to journals. In psychology, management, and economics, it is customary to abbreviate conference names in things like CVs and posted conference abstracts. In computer science, this system of conference abbreviations is highly formalized:

Currently, there is no way to specify these short forms of publishers, conference names, or institutions. Could (optional) fields for these be incorporated in a future revision, possibly as a general "Abbreviations" or "Short Forms" drop-down list (ala Creators or the proposed method for identifiers)?
  • I second that. For me the short form for conference names would be especially useful.
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