Which item type for statistics and databases?


I cannot see any special item type for statistics. How do you categorise online databases such as http://stats.oecd.org ?

When I classify them as web page Zotero cites them with the year derived from access date, e.g. (OECD 2012). However, I want to cite it as (OECD) without the year.



  • we'll have a dataset item type in a bit - it's certainly planned - but in the meantime, substituting in the accessed date for webpages is a style feature, not something Zotero does in general. Are you sure this is required by the style? At least in APSA (and related) styles I don't think you'd want to cite databases without year in text.
  • Hi Adam,

    great to hear about the coming item type. As for the year. Some databases are composed of data from different years. In these case I would not like to have a year in my citation since that could indicate that all the data is from that year.

  • the date issue is up to you - but even in the future with a dataset item type, if you do want to cite without a year, you'll likely have to manually adjust the citation styles - all relevant citation styles I'm aware of - such as
    APA, MLA, Chicago: http://libguides.lib.msu.edu/citedata
    APSA http://www.apsanet.org/media/PDFs/Publications/APSAStyleManual2006.pdf (PDF - p. 20)
    ASA: http://pubpages.unh.edu/~mas2/ASA%20style%20guide-07.pdf (PDF - p. 107)
    as well as the datacite initiative:
    cite data by the year of publication, including for time-series data - for continuously updated data as some databases on stats.oecd.org that would be the date of access.
  • Thank you Adam! I will stick with you recommendation and use the accessed time date for time series data.

  • Any progress on this issue? There is still no dataset type in my freshly installed Zotero.
  • nothing new, no.
  • Four years later: Is there still no progress on the dataset type? RIS has a type DBASE that would be ideal for my needs, e.g.

    Provider: DataverseNO
    Content: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"
    TY - DBASE
    T1 - Metonymy in Word-Formation: Russian, Czech, and Norwegian
    AU - Janda, Laura A.
    DO - hdl/10037.1/10020
    PY - 2014
    UR - https://hdl.handle.net/10037.1/10020
    PB - DataverseNO
    C1 - Norwegian metonymy2.xls
    ER -

  • That's basically what Zotero already imports via Browser connector from https://hdl.handle.net/10037.1/10020 btw.
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