Need DATE field for Podcasts

We definitely need a DATE field for the Podcast type. Some podcasts don't number their episodes but rather identify them by the date they were released. Think of a podcast episode like a blog entry, each episode has a date, and sometimes that's how they're identified.

  • I just realized we also need an "Podcast Title" field! There's one "Title" field, which presumably is for the name of the episode. Again, if we think of a Podcast episode as similar to a Blog Post, we need basically all the same fields that Blog Posts have (though I'm not sure what "Website Type" is for), and Podcast Title and Date are the only two fields missing.
  • I agree we need a date field for the podcast type. The New Zealand Law Style requires a date. I am currently manipulating the episode number field to insert a date but this is not ideal.
  • a major re-vamp of existing fields will come for 3.5. I strongly expect that to include date fields for all item types.
  • Hi there,

    I have Zotero for Windows 4.0.9 and the Word plug-in 3.1.13 and I use MHRA author-date style.

    There is no date field for podcasts, nor does the episode number appear in the bibliography.

    Anything I'm doing wrong?
    Thanks in advance!
  • No. The major revamp of fields will come for 4.2...
    nor does the episode number appear in the bibliography.
    What style do you use ?
  • (style is MHRA author date, I can look at episode no.).
  • [Oops, it was written just above my post :/ }
  • Anything changed for this yet re. episode number and date fields (and running time and inclusion of contributors!)?

    If not, and it's still planned for 4.2, how can I get round this problem for now? i.e. is there a way to insert the date and episode number in some other field or something that would make it *look* like it should on paper (even if it is not in the correct field in the system)?

    At the moment it looks like this:

    West, Ashley. [n.d.-a]. Annie Sprinkle: The Early Years, The Rialto Report

    ---. [n.d.-b]. John Amero and ‘Body of a Female’, The Rialto Report

    I can do without the contributor information, and perhaps even the running time (although isn't that kind of important?) for now, but the date and episode numbers really need to be included somehow. Any suggestions for how to include them for the time being?

  • You can use audio recording instead of podcast, which gives you running time (at least potentially, it's not in MHRA probably) as well as a date, though no episode no. They're both getting mapped to the same citation type internally anyway. Would that help?
  • Hi, thanks for the suggestion. I'll use the 'audio recording' type now for podcasts. You're right, in MHRA (author-date) [I don't know about MHRA on its own] the running time does not come up. Also, the whole date does not, only the year (therefore switching from 'podcast' to 'audio recording' just allows me to have the year, but it's worth it for that). I'm going to get around this problem of lack of info appearing in the bibliography -for now- by inserting the full date, episode number, and running time in square brackets in the title, although this is only a short-term solution while waiting for the overall Zotero update to come.
    Thanks again.
  • Is this issue possibly going to be addressed in 4.2, where styles are going to revisited and revamped? If podcast is going to stay as a choice for an item, it should have a date field (actually, as mentioned in this thread, all items should have a date field.)
  • yeah, although I'd like podcast to just disappear that probably won't happen and if it stays around it'll get a date field.
  • I can see an argument for the simplification of just having audio recording item type, and ditching the podcast type. Or, maybe just have the fields be identical, so they really point to the same thing, as it sounds like they are basically the same when cited.
  • Hi,

    I'm using Zotero to create references in APA Style. Podcast references require the date as Year, Month Day and the title in italics.

    Record types Podcast, Radio Broadcast and Web Page enable required date format, but title is not in italics. Records type Audio Recording has the title in italics, but the date as Year only. So have to advise users to change title after reference creation.

    Is there a work-around? Thanks in anticipation.
  • edited May 27, 2017
    The Podcast type is meaningful and distinct. And -- at least in my beta 5.0 version of Zotero -- it still needs updating.

    An "audio recording" could very well be unpublished raw material sitting in an archive or in a drawer, on tape or vinyl or some such, with limited accessibility. This is why, correctly, it has such fields as place, location in archive, label and call number. A researcher would want this kind of information to trace the source.

    A podcast is a finished, published work, with producers, a name, a date, a distribution channel of some kind, and so forth. Usually, it's part of a larger "show," which has its own title. Its closest cousin is the radio broadcast, as these two media are rapidly converging. If anything, I'd say, radio production is becoming a special case of podcasting (where the work in question also happens to be aired on the radio). Historically, of course, podcasts are a derivative form, but structurally they are the parent type, as almost all major radio programs are now also available as podcasts.

    And eventually, it would be nice to have a related item type -- "segment" -- analogous to "book section."
  • Item type/field updates are coming in Zotero 5.1 (the major updates in Zotero 5.0 were necessary before these changes could be made).
  • Any hope of getting a better Podcast itemtype with fields for date, producer and so on? I can use the Radio Broadcast but the producer doesn't show up in the references and according to APA they are supposed to.
  • You can add this information to Extra to get Podcast to conform to APA style:
    type: broadcast
    issued: 2018

    For Producer, the issue is that a “producer” role doesn’t currently exist in the Citation Style Language. I personally recommend just listing all of the cited creators as “Podcaster” and ignoring the labels. This is generally how such references actually appear in APA journals. If you do want the label, enter the producer as Podcaster and then type (Producer) after the first name. This will show up correctly in the reference list for APA.
  • Thanks! But I have a question: Do you mean the field "Extra"? Things I add to extra doesnt show up in either citation or bibliography. Where do you want me to add it?

  • Yes, the field Extra. But you need to make sure to enter them exactly as bwiernik has it.
  • Should this work in any itemtype?
    In itemtype "broadcast" and in itemtype "podcast" I type it in to the Extra field and nothing happens in either citation or bibliography when I choose APA and insert to word.

    type: broadcast
    issued: 2018
  • That should be correct. The fields need to be at the top of Extra (not after other text). Is that the case for you?
  • There is no other text in the extra field. Its on top. Still doesnt show up in the citation. I can use the broadcast item type, I think that will work out.
  • Can you export your item to Zotero RDF, paste to, save it, and give the link here?
  • I tried again and this time the date got added in the reference! I dont know why it didnt work before.

    Still no type:broadcast anywhere in the reference. A bit strange that only one of them appeared?
    Is there a list of commands (such as type: and issued:) to be used to add other kinds of information in the extra field?

    Regarding hastebin: I am able to find and export RDF in Zotero, but that generates a file and I have now idea how to paste that in to hastebin. Sorry:) Is there some other way to export RDF?

  • type: broadcast wouldn't show up in the reference (nor should it for APA). It just tells the citation style to treat the item like a broadcast. So if you have the date showing up, that's as expected.

    No need for pasting the RDF to hastebin then, but should you need/want to do so in the future, you'd open the exported file with a text editor like notepad or TextEdit, select all, copy, and paste to hastebin.
  • Like adamsmith says, ‘type: broadcast’ tells the citation style to treat the item as a broadcast. Currently, Zotero treats podcasts as songs or musical recordings, which won’t produce the correct output. Telling it to use broadcast instead fixes that.
  • There is still no space to place the original broadcast date in the Podcast item type, just the date accessed! I need to be able to record both!
  • the above advice still applies and will still work.
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