Editing of group description text does not save the description

Dear Zotero,

Sometimes when I edit a group description (from the web interface) the and click "Save Settings" the editing is just discarded.

Sometimes it works.

I have just seen both things happens. And that is all info I have. ;-)

(Google Chrome, latest version)
  • Do you always get the green "Group Settings Saved" notification, even when it gets discarded?

    Does it work/not work different times with the same content?
  • I just tried and the edit was not saved this time either. I saw no "Group Settings Saved". (But I do not know if I have ever got it. I have not noticed it.)

    Yes, it works different for the same group. Sometimes the edits are saved, some times not.
  • I tested again.

    Test 1: Added a just text to the description. This was saved.

    Test 2: Added a link in the description. This was NOT saved.
  • I meant does it both fail and succeed with the same description content. If you try to save and it fails, then put in the same content, does it succeed?

    I haven't been able to replicate this so far, except by putting in content over the character limit which displays a validation error.
  • Ah, forgot about that limit.

    That seems to be the problem, yes, but I do not get any information about that when it fails.
  • That is strange. I assume you don't have any user styles or anything that would hide it?
  • No, I have no user styles or anything I think could make an influence on this.

    Do you perhaps have a picture of how it looks when you try to save something that is over the limit size?
  • It's just red text directly under the offending form field.
    In a ul element with class="errors".
  • Ah, I wondered why the html of the description was displayed.

    I simply missed the reason because:

    1) All the text is red and rather long. The reason for displaying it does not stand out.

    2) The reason for displaying the text ("is more than 1024 characters long") is displayed at the end.

    3) The success text ("Group settings Saved") is displayed at the beginning so that is the place where I looked for info.

    I would suggest this:

    1) Check the length with javascript. As it is now my editing are just thrown away.

    You can get the length like this (of course):

    function descrLength() {
    var f = document.getElementById("description_ifr");
    var cd = f.contentDocument;
    var html = cd.body.innerHTML;
    return html.length;

    2) displaying something like "Error: Settings can't be saved" + a reason in the beginning. Scroll up to that.

    3) Display the reason before the HTML raw text.

    4) Use different styles to distinguish them.
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