Price and sum of price

I use Zotero to manage my scholar references and also I manage the acquisition book requests of my university department colleagues. Formerly I used Zotero and stuff like Booxter and Book Collector, but now I am using Zotero only, for the convenience of managing my entire references in a single and integrated place. I am using "rights" to store the price of the books but having a chance to sum the prices of the selected books would be my feature now. Anyway thank you all for all the work with Zotero.
  • This is almost certainly not going to happen (it could technically happen as a Zotero add-on). It is way out of the scope of what Zotero is designed for and it would probably only be useful to a handful of individuals using Zotero.

    Also, please don't double-post
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    Ok, I understand. That other post can be deleted by administrators. Only after posting it I saw that this forum order posts by date of first post, not date of last post, unless there is some option here I didn't saw. p.s well, I found the way, this is my second post here anyway...
  • the forum orders by date of last post, not sure where you're looking.
    as bdarcus says in the other thread, the recommendation here would be to export to a spreadsheet. This may be useful:
  • I see thanks. Anyway to manage a list of demands inside a budget, one need something more dynamic, like Booxter does. I will keep using the manual calculator.
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