Can't change keyboard shortcut in Word for Mac 2011


I'm trying to reassign the keyboard shortcut for the Add Bibliography command. I've tried to change its key assignment in the "Customize Keyboard" window (under the Tools menu) for ZoteroInsertBibliography. I removed control+option+B and replaced it with control+option+L and saved the changes in my Normal.dotm template

However, in my Word docs under the Applescript menu, the Add Bibliography still shows the original keyboard shortcut and now both keyboard shortcuts (control+option+B and control+option+L) work. This is despite restarting both Word and my computer after trying to make the change.

Any suggestions?

  • I don't think you can fix this - the shortcuts in the Applescript menu are hard-coded. The other shortcuts are technically for the toolbar (not that it'd make a difference for what they do), so while you can add new ones, I don't think you'll be able to remove the old ones, sorry.
    (This is only 95% sure - I'm not on a Mac to test).
  • Ugh. Is there a way to disable all the Zotero keyboard shortcuts while still keeping the plug-in?
  • I hope I'm not too late for stre0185, but at least others may benefit from my research. In all due respect, adamsmith was 5% right, there is a way to solve this problem. Zotero uses Word's Applescript menu for some of its commands and the keyboard shortcuts are assigned by changing the name of the file holding the script. The tricky part is that, somehow, Zotero convinces Word to look in a new place for the scripts. As a result, when I first installed Zotero, I lost all my other scripts, which almost made me ditch Zotero entirely. The "normal" place for Word's script menu items is in ~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Word Script Menu Items/. However, after installing Zotero, Word is now looking in ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Office/Word Script Menu Items/. Zotero puts a folder with seven scripts into that directory and most of them have a shortcut assigned to them. Shortcut keys are assigned by adding \[cmos]X just before the ".scpt" in the name. In my notation, the slash character (\) is required, the characters in the brackets are mostly optional and the required X can be any keyboard character. The characters in the brackets set what modifier keys must be held down to fire the shortcut, so at least one of c (Control) and m (Command) must be included and s (Shift) and o (Option) are optional. Of course, this applies only to MacOS X. Additionally, Microsoft introduced the script menu in 2008, so this does not apply to versions earlier than that.
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