Insert in-text citations, where author is part of a sentence

Hi, I started using in-text citations with MS Word only recently. It's therefore possible that these are relatively simple questions I am having.

When using the Zotero plugin to add in-text citations, I get a (authors, year) citation in parantheses, for example:

(Einstein, 1905)

But what should I do, if I want to make the author(s) part of a sentence, e.g.:

Einstein (1905) conjectured that...

Do I have to edit this manually in the text? Or is there a direct way to get this?

My second question relates to the first. How should I add authors to the citation, for example:

Einstein (1905, 1906; Bohr, 1904) conjectured that...

Again, should edit the automatic instertion (Bohr, 1904; Einstein, 1905, 1906) to Einstein (1905, 1996; Boohr, 1904) manually?

If manually is the only option, are the citations corretly refreshed even after editing?

Thank you for your support.
  • use suppress author and type the author(s) that are part of the sentence in Word:
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    I found out by now that refreshing is not an issue aftr manual changes. However, when changing reference style, Zotero plugin would change everything back to paranthesis. So I would get

    (Einstein, 1905) conjectured that

    This does not make any sense - is there a way to avoid this? A colleague just told me that a different citation prgram called Mendeley apparently does this correctly

    Thank you very much.

    EDIT: Comment crossed with previous comment. Will consider the advice given there.
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    @adamsmith: Thank you. But apparently the in-text appearance of authors also depends on the style. So in the end it seems I need to adjust this manually? For example for texts with more than three authors some styles use et al. directly (I think ASA), but others (I think APA) spell out all authors upon first mentioning. That's also what Zotero does for the two styles by default in parantheses.
  • basically yes - but styles also requires different author formatting inside & outsider of parentheses. E.g. in APA you should use
    Smith and Meyer (2010) but (Smith & Meyer 2010). Authors may also require changes for grammar - Smith's (1996) seminal work - etc.
  • It would be a nice addition to Zotero if it could handle these two different in-text citations. Of course all grammer changes cannot be included. But it would be nice to have an option to have zotero add Smith and Meyer (2010) besides (Smith & Meyer, 2010).
  • Is it possible by now to also add the Smith and Meyer (2010) citation by Zotero, without having to change it manually?
  • There is some work happening in that direction. It will take some more time, but the feature is receiving developer attention, and progress is being made.
  • Three years later, still not possible to add Smith & Meyer (2010) narrative citation style? Thanks!
  • Nothing new here, no.
  • Any update here?
  • We're working on it.
  • Can I be kept in the loop on this? I will want to add this to BBT CAYW.
  • Would also like to be kept on the loop - very useful for my dissertation
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