Report ID 2031700428 Zotero won't start in Firefox with CTRL+SHFT+Z

FireFox 27.0.1
MS XP 5.1 Build 2600.xpsp.080413-2111 SP 3 (C) 2007

1. new laptop running MS XP
2. installed Firefox
3. then installed Zotero
4. click on CTRL+SHFT+Z, nothing happens, however if I click on CTRL+T, then CTRL+SHFT+Z then Zotero opens fine

I get the error report as sent. similarly unable to quit Zotero if I click on CTRL+SHFT+Z

  • This error is very reproducible, however now that I have posted this bug is now resolved. I still get an error report appearing in the log...e.g. Report ID 1160950062

    I am reinstalling everything as I am noticing a more serious bug, which I will be posting next, ie Zotero crashes after opening a Word document that has Zotero Citations in LibreOffice Writer.
  • no, don't re-install things. It's not going to help&will just waste your time. If you're finding a bug just report it.
  • The error repeated after I closed Firefox and re-opened it, again, I can't open the Zotero with CTRL+SHFT+Z unless I click on CTRL+T first...

    I made another report...Report ID 1856863441
  • the keyboard shortcut isn't 100% reliable - it depends e.g. where your cursor is. If you place the cursor in this text box, e.g., you'll find that ctrl+shift+z doesn't work. It's very much possible that the same is true when you first open Firefox, depending on where the cursor is, try clicking anywhere in the page. I doubt there's much that can be done about this.
    (The error reports won't help here, so no need for those. Those keyboard shortcuts never reach Zotero, else they would work).
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