Omit author as ibid rule

Hey guys,

I use Chicago Manual of Style 16th edition (author-date) and have made a few customisations already including the use of ibid. However, as it is getting a little complicated to track the referring Literature in my Text I'd like to make it so that instead of ibid, the in text citation automatically omits the author when the ibid rule would apply.

Is that possible, and if so, how? Or is there a style where I could grab the respective code from?

Thanks in advance
  • yes it's possible, but no, there's no existing style that does that.

    The basic logic would be to use
    <if position="ibid">
    <text macro="issued-year"/>

    So you just define however you want the citation to look in the ibid part of the if loop. Note that "issued-year" may not be the right name for the macro, I didn't check the style
  • Oh yeah, thanks.

    I see, I just couldn't get my head around the csl specifications, it's all explained in detail there what the position part does.

    Sorry for the fuzz!
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