Close attachement arrow thingy to copy to collections

Here's a silly problem I have — silly because there must be an absolutely obvious way to solve it and yet I've been unable to fine any way.

When I search, quick search or advanced, I get a list of posts. Most or all posts are "open", with the little triangle on the left edge pointing down and showing the attachments to the post.

So, when I try to drag or copy these posts to a collection (or drag to a tag) I can't. It seems Zotero will only let me do so if the top-level post line _only_ is marked. If the attachements are marked, drag and drop will not work.

That means that I can't use a quick ctrl-A for mark all, or click then shift-click further down to mark a region, then drag that to the collection.

Instead I have to either go through and click close each and every little triangle, or control-select each post individually. Both are rather painful when I have many dozens of results.

I must be missing something obvious here?
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