Related items only point one way in the web API:s

Dear Zotero,

I have added "related" to many items in our group library. In the desktop interface they points in both directions, i.e. if I add B as related to A:

A => B

I also get the reverse, A is related to B:

B => A

However when retrieving the items through the web API the reverse relation is not found.

This is a quite serious problem since the relationships are important and most users will just use a web interface.

What should I do? Maybe I am somehow missing a way to retrieve the reverse relation?
  • API questions should be posted to zotero-dev.

    (And please stop the "serious problem" stuff — the issues that bother you are not somehow more critical than the dozens of things people post about every day. If you'd like something fixed, just report it like everyone else does.)
  • Ok, thanks.
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