Organize the pdf like iTunes organize the mp3


I've a question about attached files in Zotero. I think that for mot people, these attached files are pdf file. When you enter un new link to a pdf for a Zotero entry, the file is automaticaly copied in the Zotero directory. But still in the location of origin, which lead to have two times the same file... is there a way to change that?
A function like in Bibdesk or Paper to automaticaly delete the first file.

Another question is about the organization of the directory and files where pdf are copied. I really liked the way Papers works (very close to iTunes), it can organize your pdf by first author in different directory, or simply rename each file with the tag, it's very usefull. Do you know if there is any plug-in in Zotero to do that?

  • There was a script someone posted somewhere earlier here that could do that , but it would be nice if zotero included that functionality.
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