How to cite online when Zotero is not instaled in the PC?


I have a question about if or how can I cite online from my account. I want to know if there is a possibility use zotero at computer where the zotero was not instaled. Just using sign in to my account at the Zotero online page.
Thank you for your answers.

  • depends on what you want to do. In General, you only get basic functionality from the Zotero webpage.
    That does include selecting one or multiple items and creating bibliography entries for them in a couple of styles (using the middle one of the three icons at the top right of the library view).
    It does not include
    - the ability to generate the in-text citation format for an item
    - a bibliography entry in styles beyond the ten or so listed in the cite menu on the webpage or
    - anything resembling the word processor plugin.
  • Thank you for your answer. That's a shame because I am interest in online in-text citation a making bibliography...
  • Depending on your exact needs, you might be able to accomplish what you need by using a flash drive with Firefox portable and Zotero installed. Plug in the flash drive, sync the library, and work as normal.
  • @Dan, fcheslack — do you have any general thoughts on this? Generating in-text citations via API would be nice to have and also the prerequisite (I think) for integrating Zotero into things like google docs via API.
  • Are you thinking about a service similar to

    In fact I second this, too. The ability to create an online citation based on your library would be extremely handy in situation when you cannot use a portable Firefox instance.
  • Zotero can already create citations based on your library online. Select one or multiple items and click the "Cite" button at the top right.
    I'm asking about in-text citations, which citethisforme only claims to do, but doesn't really (e.g. their Chicago "in text" is parenthetical, but their bibliography would be for a footnote).
  • @adamsmith

    Thanks for the hint. I didn't know that. Very useful!
  • This is my question as well. Many people have stated that using the online web browser zotero I can make an IN TEXT citation. However, when I click "cite" all I get is the bibliography entry. For example: Cite gave me, Cruse, A. (2004). Roman medicine (Vol. 8). Tempus Pub Ltd.

    Not (Cruse 2004). How do I get that <--- I could just type it, but that won't leave it "linked" in my document, auto generating a reference and updating if I add more citations by that author.

  • Many people have stated that using the online web browser zotero I can make an IN TEXT citation.
    I don't think many people have stated that, but if they did, they were wrong. You cannot do that. You can, however, use which is built by the same team and uses much of the same technology as Zotero.
  • Thanks adamsmith. So this cannot be done. Okay I can live with that. Maybe I'll check out this zbib.
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