Legal, only surname, no capitalization + supra note

I am currently trying to find a style which comprises all the above mentioned features.
I tried OSCOLA, but it keeps first names at the first citation and does not feature "supra"
I tried bluebook (old 19th edition incomplete and current version in the repository) but it keeps first names and capitalizes all the titles...
Any help? easy suggestions for manually editing any of the above to address these issues?
  • I don't think you'll find something good - there are only a handful of legal styles - OSCOLA and AGLC are probably the most functional and I believe they all print first names in the first citation.
    OSCOLA does do supra (in the form of "(n 17)" - though, as you say, not explicitly so.
    You can try
    What is this for?
  • Thanks, it is for this journal:
    Admittedly, they have quite vague guides...
    I am trying to edit the OSCOLA with the link you gave me, but it does not seem to e that easy:
    - the edited style does not automatically put the number of the footnote
    - supra should be in italics and I am not able to edit this
    Any workaround?
  • This is going to be a a bit involved, especially since you can't preview the supra functionality in the editor.
    If you write up necessary changes from OSCOLA, I'd be able to code the style within a month or two, but I'd only change secondary literature and the supra.
    I don't touch legal citations without getting paid, they're just too much of a pain.
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