style request infoclio (switzerland, german)

i would like to use the stile infoclio (switzerland, german) with some minor adaptions:

Hogue, Christopher W. V.: Structure Databases, in: Baxevanis, Andreas D. / Ouellette, B. F. Francis (Hg.): Bioinformatics (Life Sciences Series), New York NY, 2012, S. 83–109.
Kötter, Peter / Ciriacy, Michael: Xylose fermentation by Saccharomyces cerevisiae, in: Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 38 (1993), 6, S. 776–783.
Pear, Robert: Crisis Puts Tax Moves Into Play, in: The New York Times, 2. Oktober 2008, <>, Stand: 04.10.2008.
Sambrook, Joe / Russell, David William: Molecular Cloning. A Laboratory Manual, Cold Spring Harbor NY, 2013.
Method and system for placing a purchase order via a communications network, 28. September 1999.
  • sorry, we can't fulfil custom style requests, but have a look at the visual editor:
    especially for small changes you should be able to do this yourself.
  • ok thanks, hope I will
  • hello, I'm trying to get on in the editor, but i can't find the way to change the sign between authors resp. editors, which i want to put to "/". with editors, it seems that i can only choose "&". with authors, i don't even find the ";" that i see in the citation. could you help me locate this?
  • it's set as a "delimiter" on the name node (you can click on parts of the citation on the top right and then see the nodes on the left). If you never want the ampersand (&), you'll also have to set "and" to an empty string - i.e. neither text nor symbol.
  • sorry, but I still don't see the sign ";" in the nodes. and if I write "/" in the field "delimiter" nothing happens (whereas in "affix" or "suffix" the sign appears, but of cours not in the place i want it to be). is there perhaps a conditional node "2 or more authors" which i overlook?
  • make sure you're looking at "name" and not at "names" (the former is one level below the latter)
  • here is the chain:
    Layout > Conditional > Else > complete-reference (macro) > author-or-editor (macro) > Conditional > If author > Names > Name
  • sorry, there's something odd in the style that seems to throw this off.
    click on "Inline Citation" and "Bibliography" on the left and change "and" to a blank line. That should do it.
  • great, now it works, tänx!
  • ok, got 2 other things.
    - can I change the order of this: 7 (03), März 2012, to 7(2012), (03)?
    - between title and subtitle, there is often a ":". is it changeable to a "."?
  • No on changing the subtitle delimiter - CSL/Zotero just print the text field.

    changing date/volume/issue is possible, but it does involve dragging around a lot of macros - you'll have to play with this a bit. Given you the play-by-play would take too long.
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