DIN 1505-2 (alphanumeric, German) Date of Websites


I have a problem with dates with this style. If I cite a website, the cite looks like [xxxx00] the author is correct, but for date, i get 00. How can i fix that?
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  • have you entered a data for the webpage? The alphanumeric tag is, unfortunately, not very customizable, so I don't think we can currently use, say, the access date.
  • if I enter a Date in "Datum" it works. But it would be nice, if it would be possible to enter something like "o.J." ( without year in german ), if the date of the website is unknown. Or simple nothing, but if I enter nothing, I get 00 for the date.
  • ...and Umlaute ö,ä,ü do not work correct
  • Umlaute work, but there is at least one way that I found out that they seem to not work:
    If you copy and paste text from a source that has been processed by Latex, Umlauts are often not real ä, ö and ü but a o u with a preceding or trailing ¨ - but they appear correctly when printed. You can see this when deleting whose characters one by one, at first the ¨ disappear and the vowels afterwards.

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    these types of styles don't have very high priority - Zotero/CSL offers minimal support and I don't think we're terribly interested in expanding that - the way the label, i.e. [abcd00], looks is hardcoded into the citation processor, it can't be changed in the style.
    Basically when a journal/professor requires these types of styles, they're telling you to use bibtex already.
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