PayPal for buying storage?

As far as I can tell, Google Checkout is the only way to purchase more storage. Is there any other ways to buy more storage such as PayPal etc?
  • any particular reason you need that or is it just antipathy against google? (nothing wrong with that, either.)
  • I have nothing against google, my life is slowly but surely being taken over by google, it's just that my current financial situation requires that I use paypal. Do you know of any way of buying more storage through paypal? I have read in another post that zotero has a paypal account, which can be used to purchase storage. They gave an email address to contact for information on paying through paypal. I sent an email but have so far received no reply.
  • FYI, Zotero no longer uses Google Checkout for new subscriptions and will phase it out entirely in November 2013.
  • I would like to buy additional storage paying by PayPal but is not possible. I must use Stripe but I don't want to use it.
    Is there any way to use PayPal ?
  • any particular reason? Zotero has to manually process every PayPal order (and IIRC they charge higher fees), so they do this only under exceptional circumstances, e.g. if Stripe isn't available in your home country.
  • I don't like the idea to share my credit card data with another payment system that store my data.
  • honestly, I doubt that will happen for the reasons I give above. Zotero is a tiny operation with a small overhead and no administrative staff. If they manually handle regular payments, they probably make no money on them once you factor in labor.
  • I was about to buy extra storage, but I balked when asked for my CC data. That simply will not happen. I would be OK to use Google Checkout, since I trust that Google has the chops to keep that data safe, but not "a tiny operation with a small overhead and no administrative staff", to paraphrase someone above.
  • The current payment gateway is the well-known Stripe. Stripe also has the chops to keep your data safe and their requirements for merchant accounts are arguably more stringent than google's were. Google Checkout was discontinued in 2013, so is not an option.
  • Yes, to be clear, Zotero never even has access to your credit card details. That's handled entirely by Stripe.
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