Renewing storage ends with "Error processing payment"


My storage expired in november and i am trying to renew my storage (2GB) using a valid visa card (which uses verified by visa for authentication).

I have filled in the payment popup displayed with relevant details and clicked the "purchase" button which turns green with a "tick mark" (don't know if this means that all fields have been populated or the payment is validated). Then the popup calls back to the "" page displaying the error (without any further verification steps):
"Error processing payment".

The breadcrumb on the page shows:
"Home > Settings > Storage > Process Payment"

I have tried this multiple times and the same result. Any ideas?

Browser: Firefox with NoScript (temporarily unblocked all related to zotero and payments)
  • We experienced some problems last week with our payment processing system, which are now resolved. If you haven't yet succeeded in purchasing your storage subscription, please try again now. Many thanks for your patience.
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