Rename pdf files

Dear *:

I really enjoy the new file rename function in 4.0.17. Now zotero leaves the file extension intact in the file system. However, in the zotero list, the file is now shown without file extension once I use this feature.

This is certainly not a big deal but it looks inconsistent in zotero since all other files still have their file extension showing in zotero.

Perhaps this could be fixed in the next release?

  • In the middle pane? No, I don't think so.

    Those aren't "files" in the middle pane. They're attachment items, some of which have files associated with them. But the name that the dialog starts with is the attachment item's title, which for many items, including anything saved via a translator, wouldn't be a filename to start with. This change was really just a safety feature for people who checked "Rename associated file" but forgot to include a file extension. It doesn't doesn't mean that the middle pane needs to show a file extension that the user didn't specify. (If it did, it would mean that the renaming behavior of the attachment item would vary based on whether you clicked the "Rename associated file" checkbox.)
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